Hokkaido Photo Diary (part 2)

(lhassi drink, our good friend Paulo, and delicious soup curry at Suage+)

(seriously this park is gorgeous!!! Odori Park大通公園, aerial views, and children playing)

(rich creamy dark chocolate truffles and chocolate galore at Le Petite Boule Chocolatier)

(kaiten sushi at Hanamaru花まる)

As you can see, this post is food heavy.  Let's just say that every trip without food is a big NO in our book.  We had the opportunity to meet up with our good friend, Paulo, whom we met in our university days, and had the chance to try delicious soup curry, walk around the beautiful park and go up the TV Tower to see the view of the city.  For dinner after many hours spent walking and shopping we hit up a kaiten sushi bar.  We have to admit that our tastes have been spoiled by good sushi in Tsukiji, so if you're looking for cheap go here, if you're looking for quality I would suggest otherwise.  Well, hope you enjoyed the second part of our Hokkaido series! Look forward to our final post which will also feature Furano! 


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