Hokkaido Photo Diary (part 1)

(Sapporo's red brick building known as the Former Hokkaido Government Building)

(Checking into the hotel room late at night)
(kara miso ramen at Kunimitsu - can I just say DELICIOUS)

(Above 4: Ramen Yokocho - famous ramen alley in Sapporo; and the lovely chefs at Kunimitsu)

(It's a bit cold for a festival isn't?  Apparently not for these locals.  Dined for breakfast at the hotel and explored the festival in the nearby park afterwards)

(We couldn't resist when we saw that we could paddle our own boat in the beautiful pond)

We apologize for the very late post! Things have been delayed since we were so busy most of June to July, but here it is.  Since our trip to Hokkaido is pretty photo heavy, we'll let the pictures do the talking.  We had so much fun despite the rainy weather up there back in mid-June, and we were able to experience all Sapporo had to offer.  This is part one of the series.  Enjoy!


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