Hokkaido Photo Diary (part 3)

(taking a little detour to Furano to check out its beautiful flowers)

(Back to Sapporo: more Ramen Yokocho, proper sushi, parfaits for dessert, and corn in the park)

(Goodbye~ またね!)

Well here it is! The last part of our Hokkaido series.  Thank you for following us on this journey.  After spending 2 days in Sapporo, we decide to detour to Furano to get away from the city and really see the nature of Hokkaido.  We had a lovely albeit rainy bus ride and had the opportunity to ride this super old school looking train.  We encountered a few bumps (getting really lost...) but we had a lot of fun at Farm Tomita which is known for its lavender fields.  After an exhausting day, we spent the night going back to Ramen Yokocho and the next day finishing up in Sapporo.  We hope you enjoyed our trip to Hokkaido!!! Next, we hit up beachside for summer! :)


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